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Integrated Marketing Campaigns

It used to be, with only a few media channels available, advertising would flow in only one direction. And consumers, with fewer options, were a captive audience in the way they consumed media.

Today, with more touch points than ever before, media is consumed in different ways, on a myriad of devices, and in an ever-growing array of channels, mediums, and tactics. Today we find a two-way dialogue between the advertiser, the customer, and the customer’s extensive network.

This makes it as important as ever to develop a digital strategy that includes an integrated marketing campaigns. This ensures communication strategies are unified across all channels and centered around the customer —not to replace traditional media, but to maintain consistency over all mediums. We also ensure that each channel and message is working toward the overall business goals and objectives. Attribution modeling is used to show how our our traffic is touching multiple channels before making a purchase or completing a goal.

By creating a big idea that can live above any of the individual channels, a lot of the work we do is intentionally media-neutral so that it can transcend all marketing disciplines in today’s 360° media landscape, be it paid advertising, public relations, promotion, owned assets or social media.

Contact us today to find out how an integrated marketing campaign can help your company reach its business goals and objectives.

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