The Challenge:

With over 120 audit reports and more than 150 investigation documents, Amtrak Office of the Inspector General needed a more modern, flexible website to service its various stakeholders. Serving Congress, their Board of Directors, Amtrak employees and the broader public the website needed to be functionally sophisticated enough for complex filtering and searching of its database, yet simple enough for entering timely fraud complaints.

Once again, Amtrak OIG entrusted Blue Water with the task.

The Solution:

Blue Water suggested a more elegant and streamlined design, leaning on simplicity and ease of use to deliver pertinent content and calls to action. However, Blue Water also suggested completely revamping the search capability of the website, allowing users to dive down into granular levels within the content archive using just a few clicks

Blue Water then suggested adding life to the page by truly making the most important areas stand out.

The Results:

The new design for the Amtrak OIG site launched in September 2015. With the streamlined design and improved search capability Amtrak OIG saw a 34% increase in pages viewed per visit and a 18% decrease in bounce rates as compared to the previous year.

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