The Crash That's Helping Prevent One.

Building Better Markets for everyone.
When our biggest banks play by the rules, jobs are created, businesses grow, and America's families are able to prosper again.

The Challenge:

The complexity of the 2008 financial collapse makes it hard for any layman to understand. Harder still, are the subsequent reforms and regulations. Blue Water distilled the message into a metaphorical short film, making it accessible to a wider audience.

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The Solution:

By updating the logo, brand identity, and messaging, Blue Water helped both elevate the Better Markets brand equity, and find a better way to communicate complicated financial matters in an easy-to-understand manner.

The Solution:

Viewers are directed to a responsive website, designed to better capitalize on Better Market’s above-average mobile traffic. On arrival, users are presented with a video communicating Better Market's mission and its importance to society.

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To coincide with the 5-year anniversary of financial reform legislation, Blue Water strategically placed video and display banner ads for Better Markets, raising their awareness among elite financial industry insiders.


The Outcome:

According to Better Markets: “We are always working to tell the story of Wall Street and financial reform in an intelligible and interesting way. The new video and redesigned, helps us better explain our work and who pays the ultimate price when Wall Street's biggest banks ignore the rules of the road." In 2016, BW won a silver ADDY for The Rules of the Road in the Branded Content 60+ Seconds Category.

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