Making America smarter about floods with FloodSmart.

FEMA contracted Blue Water to inform American homeowners about their flood risk, and to boost participation in the National Flood Insurance Program.

The Challenge:

Thousands of American homeowners are at risk of flooding.

The Solution:

Playing a supportive role to ongoing advertising, public relations and outreach efforts, Blue Water developed websites and digital campaigns designed to increase program awareness and lead generation.

The Outcome:

The FloodSmart program has significantly reduced consumer apathy, leading to an increase in qualified flood insurance interest. The program realized a signifiant net flood insurance policy growth since 2011. That means an American public that is better prepared to deal with the risks and consequences of flooding. Blue Water continues to work with FloodSmart partners and FEMA to increase consumer awareness and improve the online user experience. Iterative enhancements to the Flood Risk Profile Tool made in 2016 have almost tripled conversion rates-meaning even more people who are at risk are getting flood insurance.

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