How Blue Water helped simplify and speed up access to critical legal information.

When Trial Attorneys and National Advocates for the Civil Justice System need crucial information, they need it ‘yesterday’. Which is why the American Association for Justice contacted Blue Water to help simplify and streamline their website – one thousand pages deep at the time.

The Solution:

Blue Water migrated the website to a much more usable CMS, giving the association full control over every detail, including editing permissions, tying it into their e-commerce site, offering a way to store files, and giving all users a custom dashboard highlighting the information they need most – when they need it most!

The Outcome:

The legal community now has a central place where attorneys can access crucial information and reference materials on the fly. A way for every user to highlight the most important information relevant to them. And above all, a way for to manage content more easily and effectively, keeping the site updated and efficient, and Justice moving forward.

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