ROI with the Redskins

Helping the Redskins turn tickets into business tools.
The Washington Redskins, one of America’s oldest football franchises with five NFL championships, contracted Blue Water to design a new ‘business playbook’ and accompanying logo. The goal of the playbook is to offer the business community growth opportunities through the entertainment of clients, prospects, employees, friends, and family at FedExField.

The Solution:

After consultation with the client, Blue Water went to work to create a new logo and playbook design. In the process, several factors were taken into consideration. One was whether to experiment with alternative typefaces or if retaining the existing font for brand consistency was preferable.

Blue Water also explored different design routes, eventually serving up three options, including a bold, strong and structured logo style in the vein of NYSE, S&P 500, and Dow Jones, taking into consideration the target audience, namely the so-called captains of industry.

Additionally, different treatments for the traditional Indian Head were explored, as well as options to incorporate the Indian spear into the final design as a way to depict ascending profits within a graph.

The Results:

The resulting playbook brochure—simple, yet striking in design—offers interested parties with a smart way to both involve and reward potential customers through game day networking, ultimately with the eye on business growth.

The logo and design was well-received and out of the 500 mailers sent, Redskins ROI received 75 positive responses, and promises to deliver on its name: Return on Investment.

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