Streamlining the Employee Gateway to Information

As the gateway for Audi employees, the Audi Intranet has over the years grown organically across multiple properties. As a result, the site has become disorganized, with outdated content, and paths and tools that are not functioning. To solve this, Audi required an updated design and user experience to improve the content organization and layout, a modern design and interface within the approved Audi CI, an improved search functionality, and personalization.

The Solution:

Blue Water proposed a consolidated home page for all three corporate intranet sites to provide a more efficient and useful experience for Audi Intranet users. The initial site was launched in February 2016. Since then, BW has taken an agile approach to development, adding in new features and functionality upon delivery of each sprint.

Audi Vinnie relaunched in July 2016 with a new name xAudi along with expanded content, customizable Quick Links, calendar of events, job aids, and more.

Future site iterations this year will include integration into a new content management system and responsive design.

The Results:

Since the launch in February 2016, the site has been an invaluable tool for Audi employees, dealers, contractors, and vendors. Since launch the 7,000 users have visited the site 17 times on average. That’s 120,000 sessions! With an average session duration of over 4 minutes, it’s easy to say this the new site has been a huge success.

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